Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) XBOX LIVE Gripe

February 2, 2010 at 14:18 (Gripe, Modern Warfare 2, XBOX/XBOX LIVE)

Let’s go ahead an inaugurate this newfangled creation with a gripe.   You might as well get used to it – I gripe a lot.  The title of my blog is that I am stuck in the world and making the most of it, after all, and if nobody complains nothing will change!  I’m doing my duty to the world here, people!

Anyway,  you would think that a multibillion dollar company like MS would be able to control some of the hacking and general cheating that goes on in that game.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so addicted to MW2, but last night was so frustrating!  MY connection was crap and I kept getting kicked out of game lobbies, or the server kept migrating, or I got dropped into a Free For All that had one second left – what the heck is that??  The connection is so bad I emptied two clips into a guy before the system told me I was dead and he trotted on his merry way.  Not sure if that was hacking or just poor network performance on the XBOX LIVE system.

Then you have the hackers that actually get IN the games, the a$$holes.  In multiple FFA games, you have a guy who was not in the player list at the beginning, and is not on the list at the end.  He moves super fast and in at least the case of one of the guys I saw last night has an endless supply of grenades for his ‘noob-tube’.   Last night there were plenty of anomalies like that – enough so it was an early night for me.  It would have been early anyway though – I walked completely through one map before actually finding someone.  Turns out the entire map were full of campers  trying to track each other down in the dark corners.


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