Nothing To See Here, Move Along!

February 3, 2010 at 09:45 (Immigration/Illegal Immigration, Politics, Video)

See, it’s maddening because these fools don’t even have to hide what they’re doing! The media will never report it anyway. It really is disgusting. The left is counting on legalizing millions of people that already have a third world mentality unaccustomed to the traditional freedoms we enjoy, and who come to this country specifically because they want to get something for free. And of course the left will try and give them anything they want, as long as they stay compliant to the agenda and subservient.

And no, you loony tunes out there, I am not racist, I am not anti-immigrant. If you follow the freakin’ rules and come here the way you are supposed to then I have no problem with it. That whole controversy is a non-issue drummed up by the left. They always use superficial and nonsensical phrases like ‘anti-immigrant’ to try and subtly accuse the other side of being some kind of racist and bigot. People that do that are trash in the extreme.

h/t WorldNetDaily


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