Adam Baldwin on Zinn Indoctrination Campaign

February 4, 2010 at 10:50 (Education, Politics, Society)

Adam Baldwin… Who knew?

“[Howard Zinn] was a treasure and an inspiration. That he was considered radical says way more about this society than it does about him.” – Bob Herbert

Public school children are innocent victims of a radical “guerrilla warfare” being waged by the late professor Howard Zinn’s Zinn Education Project (ZEP), Rethinking Schools Magazine, and Teaching for Change.

These anti-establishment educators’ mission includes curriculum-subversion in order to radically transform schools into centers of social justice wherein students are trained to become global citizen change agents.

Perpetuating Zinn’s revolutionary mission, his surviving business partners proclaimed:

Howard Zinn, in honor of the marvelous victory of your life, we will act in defiance of all that is bad around us and attempt to spin the world towards justice.

With the national spotlight on History Channel’s “The People Speak” and its ZEP curriculum — parents, teachers, school boards and administrators should beware of the celebrity-opiate being dealt to their schoolchildren by way of Zinn-doctrination.


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