The 10th Amendment Movement Grows

February 4, 2010 at 14:29 (Constitution/Constitutional Issues, News, Politics)

Interesting, but I doubt it will go anywhere because people are so greedy. They don’t want to lose any money they might have coming in. Nice idea though. It’s actually a fairly original idea to read and apply the Constitution nowadays.

Often, supporters of the 10th Amendment movement that’s been growing around the country say – “I love all the discussion and the resolutions in support of the 10th amendment, but where’s the enforcement? These actions need some teeth!.”

If teeth is what you want, you need to go no further than Georgia. House Bill 880 (HB880), introduced by Representative Bobby Franklin, is called the “State Authority and Anti-racketeering Act.”

Unlike the many 10th Amendment Resolutions that have been introduced around the country since 2008, HB880 is legally-binding legislation.

h/t LibertyPen


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