Bad Company on XBOX 360

February 5, 2010 at 10:44 (Bad Company, Games/Video Games, Gripe, Modern Warfare 2, XBOX/XBOX LIVE)

OK, I got Battlefield: Bad Company and decided to give it a try. Actually I was irritated at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and just wanted to try something different. I had a couple of good games last night on MW2, but I got so sick and tired of the server and connection issues, and the boosters are just freakin’ annoying.

Boosting is when you use a perk called Tactical Insertion and abuse it. Tactical Insertion lets you know where your freshly killed character will respawn when it comes back to life. So you get two losers that hide in a corner taking turns shooting each other and respawning back. What’s the point? Because Infinity Ward, the company that created the game, thought it would be a good idea to award killstreaks. So the more kills you get without dying, the more nifty stuff you can do, like calling in Harrier strikes, or in a really good case calling in a tactical nuke. I think if they got rid of killstreaks, or made them less impressive, it might make the game better. I mean what’s the sense of having a guy that gets four or five in a row all of a sudden given the power of running the whole map by himself? Some of the more powerful killstreaks just decimate the map and make sure that for the remainder of the game, no matter how well you do, you can never beat that guy. It encourages the camping snipers, it encourages the noob-tubers, and the boosters as well. So I say get rid of tactical insertion, and make killstreaks less impressive.

Anyway, on Bad Company, I wasn’t really thrilled. I mean it IS a good game on it’s own I guess. The problem as far as I go is that I am spoiled I think. MW2 has very realistic graphics, super fine-tuned controls, and is really realistic and seriously portrayed. Bad Company has some camp to it, and the graphics are not top of the line. Now having admitted that I am now a game snob, I think that if I had found this game first, I would be playing it and talking about how wonderful it is. Just on it’s own merits it plays well. But I’ve been spoiled.

Now Bad Company 2 has come out (or will be shortly) and is being super-hyped. If that one can come up to the level of MW2, then they might have something really successful!


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