National Brain-Washing

February 8, 2010 at 16:54 (Politics, Video)

Wonder what stage we’re at now?



  1. futiledemocracy said,

    Well, America is an entire nation that believes in a make-belief God, and has an almost cult-like attachment to free markets, refusing to accept that they fail. Not only that, but their obsession with how wonderful Reagan was, whilst ignoring the plight of millions of people in Latin America who suffered as a result of Reagan’s disgustingly inhumane foreign policy, is amazing.
    So i’d say Americans have been brainwashed for quite some time.

    • scottm124 said,

      I would personally suggest that you take up some of your issues with one of the priests at I wish you luck with that.

      And sure, free markets can fail. Whoever said failure was bad? Some things need to fail. That’s how things get better – those things which can’t compete or don’t work fall by the wayside, and what’s left is better for it. Of course, since we haven’t had truly free markets here in a long while it may not make much difference. I also think it is demonstrable that those parts of the market that are currently failing are the parts that have been regulated the most intensely. Government, while valuable for curbing some abuses, should be limited in it’s ability to interfere with the markets. The problem is not that I refuse to accept that free markets can fail, but that you and others refuse to accept that they can fail, and feel the need to prop them up and regulate them in order to avoid the frightening possibility of change. Of course that doesn’t work and never has, but I suspect that doesn’t matter to most who feel that way.

      As for Reagan, in general I admire him and find from his own writings and those of others that he was an honorable man who was trying to serve the greater good by opposing what he rightfully saw as a great evil. Ask the Ukrainians, Orthodox Christians, and millions of others what they thought of the Soviet Union and it’s ways. The Ukrainian genocide is one overlooked by most mainstream histories. The Cold War was a chess match between two powers who knew that if they went to war civilization itself could be the victim. Thus they fought the war with proxies. Was it admirable? Was it necessary? Are we better off? I doubt we are qualified to sit in our lazyboys after the fact and be armchair quarterbacks, as easy as it is. I find Reagan an honorable man who did the best that he could under very difficult circumstances. I think your oversimplification of the issues and narrow focus allow you to arrive a bit short of a valid conclusion. i would suggest in closing that for every person that may have suffered there are many more that never will have to because that evil is expunged (whether it is expunged or just changed form is a different story, but this is not the time for that).

      Anyway, I’ll just leave it at that. I decided after my last blog that I wouldn’t go overboard on comments and would just post them all and leave them alone, but I had a moment tonight. Anyway, I would recommend you contact though, or at least browse through their website. I think with an open mind you might find yourself surprised.

      Thanks for commenting.

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