The Right to Bear Arms

February 8, 2010 at 13:46 (Constitution/Constitutional Issues, General Stupidity, Guns, News, Politics, Society)

What maroons, as Bugs Bunny used to say. Making a law will have absolutely no effect on a person bent on destruction and breaking laws.

I gave thought to writing more, but the idiocy (and ultimately the purpose of control) behind the gun control thing is just blatantly obvious. In the case of some, they are just emotionally and illogically reacting to a particular situation. Some are just not too interested in putting forth the effort to think independently. But then there are some that would use it as a method of control. They use the others who don’t think rationally for their own purposes. Anyway, it’s all obvious.

Lawmakers in firearm-friendly Texas are embroiled in a debate over how to make the state Capitol safer: get rid of guns or encourage even more.

The discussion comes after a man last month fired several shots on the steps of the towering Capitol in Austin. State troopers tackled him and no one was wounded, but the incident spotlighted a predicament for lawmakers in a state where carrying handguns is not only legal but largely cherished.

Lawmakers, some of whom regularly show up armed to the job, have to sort through an array of safety options. They range from prohibiting guns in the Capitol, making everyone who steps into the building go through a metal detector, to exempting those who have a license to carry a concealed weapon. Or lawmakers could stick with current safety procedures, which permit unfettered access to all areas of the Capitol when the legislature isn’t in session, effectively allowing access to people carrying guns.

Gov. Rick Perry, a concealed-weapon licensee himself who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in his bid for re-election, is of the view that lawful gun-carrying Texans deter criminals from drawing their weapons for fear of being outnumbered. “The last thing I want is for the Texas Capitol to turn into DFW Airport,” he said at a recent news conference.

But others question whether civilians’ right to carry firearms should extend to the seat of state government, which is visited daily by thousands of tourists and citizens with legislative business, some of whom who aren’t always happy about lawmakers’ decisions.


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