Obama Tries Slower Spread of Socialism

February 10, 2010 at 09:29 (Health, News, Politics)

Right. Maybe if you do it slowly enough nobody would notice. After all, it’s been going well for the last hundred years – the only reason Obama is in trouble is that he tried to finish it up in his first year. Apparently, since the vast majority of Americans appear to be sheep, all you have to do is smile pretty for the camera and do it slooooowly, which is what he would like to do here. And since the Republicans are just the flip side of the same coin they’ll work with him. They just don’t want to make it too obvious.

And the big O knows that all he has to do is get a healthcare bill started. It doesn’t matter how small. And like all entitlements, it will grow as politicians see the need to bribe or pay off some segment of society or some special interest group, and eventually they will get what they want. That’s why we can’t have anything at all.

WASHINGTON — Signaling he’d meet critics part way on health care, President Barack Obama said Tuesday he’s willing to sign a bill even if it doesn’t deliver everything he pursued through a year of grinding effort at risk of going down as a dismal failure.

The Democrats’ massive health overhaul legislation is stalled in Congress by disagreements within the party and the loss last month of their 60th Senate vote, and with it, control of the agenda. Republicans suspect that Obama’s invitation to a televised health care summit Feb. 25 is a thinly disguised political trap. On Tuesday, the president tried to change the dour dynamic, indicating he could settle for less in order to move ahead.



  1. Ben Hoffman said,

    And the Republicans want to fast-track our country to fascism.

    • Man in the World said,

      Very uninformed and a bit of a trite cliche, but your opinion is your own. And I am not even a Republican any longer. I think if you actually research the issues, you will find that the modern day left shares historical roots and a lot of the same beliefs as the true fascists on the early twentieth century. Having said that, nowadays there aren’t a whole lot of differences in the two parties on some issues, particularly spending and entitlements.

  2. Robert Feeley said,

    Here is my take on Obama’s hope and change:


    Have a great day !

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