Brad Thor Reveals Taliban Serial Rape Outrage

February 12, 2010 at 15:48 (News, Scum/Trash/Idiots!, Terrorism)

They really are scum of the earth. We need to clean the earth of this type of vermin. I would cheerfully pull the trigger myself with this bag of *&^$%$. Go to the page but be warned the video is supposed to be graphic. I didn’t want to see it myself.

A Muslim Abu Ghraib? Considering the horrific violence that the Haqqanis had perpetrated to date, I had trouble imagining what they could have done now that would suddenly have the power to enflame the Muslim world. After all, that kind of outrage is normally reserved for terrible insults by the West, like cartoons, operas, or free speech. Then, my contact told me his story. It made me absolutely sick to my stomach.

As Siraj Haqqani moved from village to village, rounding up the sons of poor Muslim families to fight for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, he offered the villagers free medical care. He even sent his physician, Dr. Hassan Duraz to conduct the clinics. There was a horrific catch, though. Duraz was a monster.

He arrived in each village with Siraj Haqqani’s uncle, Ibrahim, and Siraj’s cousin, Ishak, in tow. With them, the Haqqanis brought along their own very special tools of terror – a video camera and an eye for human flesh. You see, with Haqqani healthcare, you not only received a medical exam, if you were an attractive young girl, you also got a screen test. And heaven forbid you passed.

For those women and girls unfortunate enough to catch the good doctor’s fancy, it was show time. The Haqqani uncle and cousin would be brought into the exam room, they would set up their video equipment, and Duraz would drop his trousers and go to work.

The Haqqanis and Duraz sexually assaulted poor women throughout the tribal regions and captured every moment of their degradation and humiliation on video to enjoy over and over again.

Times were good for the Haqqani pornography ring. Their enterprise thrived until someone slipped up and word leaked out. In the blink of an eye, Siraj Haqqani was in big trouble.

And what’s a good and pious Muslim warrior to do when his moral authority and the very existence of his terror network are at stake? There’s only one answer of course. Kill everyone involved. (Everyone that is, except for family.) And that’s exactly what Siraj Haqqani did.

Haqqani not only killed the women in the video, but he also killed his own physician, Dr. Duraz. After all, dead men (and dead women for that matter) tell no tales, right?

The only thing left to do was to visit the Haqqani home theater and destroy all the evidence. With that task complete, Siraj Haqqani could sit back and relax. There was just one problem. He didn’t get all of the tapes. My contact managed to rescue some.

With the help of a prominent Pakistani Mullah, he put together the video we have linked here, extolling all Muslims to condemn and abandon the Haqqanis. In Islam, there is only one thing worse than the sins the Haqqanis committed – Siraj Haqqani’s sin of trying to cover it all up.


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