Palestinians Use Leftwing Avatar Movie to Advantage

February 12, 2010 at 15:55 (General Stupidity, News, Politics)

Well of course they are. They also recognize the obvious left wing bias in the movie and see it as a way to romanticize their cause. With the aid of the media they’ve already done a fine job over the years. I wonder why they feel the need to paint themselves blue? Maybe they want to appeal to those whackos that cry themselves to sleep at night and get depressed because they don’t live in the avatar wonderland.

JERUSALEM (AP) – Palestinian protesters have added a colorful twist to demonstrations against Israel’s separation barrier, painting themselves blue and posing as characters from the hit film “Avatar.”

The demonstrators also donned long hair and loincloths Friday for the weekly protest against the barrier near the village of Bilin.

They equated their struggle to the intergalactic one portrayed in the film.


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