Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Vid and Gripe

February 23, 2010 at 14:19 (Games/Video Games, Gripe, Modern Warfare 2, Video, XBOX/XBOX LIVE)

This is always cool. I like this guy, although he occasionally uses language not suitable for the kids. One thing he thinks he notices are the game mods. I hate cheaters. I can’t stand them.

And that’s one of the reasons I may have to stop playing this game much. I get spam all the time from people wanting me to give them money or whatever in return for a controller that let’s me shoot faster than normally possible, or a hack that let’s people have unlimited grenades in a grenade launcher, or lets you advance to the next level without work. I also hate the constant host migrations and bad connections. And I absolutely cannot stand the people who boost – just google for boosting in MW2 and you’ll find quickly what that is. Top of the list of irritations though, is letting fly some 10-15 rounds on a guy, with most or all hitting him, and then he fires a single shot and I die. What?

That reminds me – ever heard of a lag switch? You can buy them online, and with a flip of the switch make sure that you have the fastest connection of everyone, which means that as long as you see or hear them coming, even when it’s a close call you win! Pathetic!

Killstreaks should either be done away with altogether or limited severely. In some games, if a guy kills 4 or 5 opponents in a row he gets granted any number of goodies that make the rest of the game moot. I sat one night under cover (you really can’t go out when a chopper gunner or ac130 is overhead without dying immediately) for the entire game. No kidding.

And I also have just learned to mute everyone playing online, because for the most part they are either foul mouthed and obnoxious children, or hateful and spiteful people in general. I have found very few that are cool and want to chat about anything.

Infinity Ward has also done a horrible job with some of the perks. Especially bad are the commando perks, which let you knife an opponent from 5 – 10 yards away – a long arm there – and the lightweight/marathon combo. People with that second combo pretty much fly through the map running around 20 miles per hour, which is ridiculous.

The game itself, believe it or not from what I have said, is cool and can be addictive. The movement is natural feeling, the weapons and equipment are cool (minus the noob-tubes) and the maps that exist (HELLO??? New maps anyone??) are pretty good as well. If it were just the bad perks it wouldn’t be so bad, whether or not they fixed them. If IW was actually patching these whacky hacks and mods people are doing, that wouldn’t be so bad. But I see no evidence that they are. Add the large number of just nasty people online and things start looking bad for me playing more.

I’ll give it two more weeks. If I don’t see patches and fixes, then I’m done.


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