Hero Teacher Stops School Shooting

February 24, 2010 at 08:28 (News, Society)

I hope I would do the same in this situation. David Benke is a hero, plain and simple. The students at his school are lucky to have him.

Math teacher David Benke says he had no time to fear for his life when he tackled a man he said was preparing to reload a rifle to shoot students at a Colorado middle school who were heading home for the day.

And Benke doesn’t consider himself a hero for stopping the 32-year-old accused of wounding two students Tuesday at the Littleton school that’s just miles from Columbine High School, the site of one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings.

“You know, it bugs me that he got another round off,” Benke said of the two shots that authorities say Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood fired.

“I had always told my students since Columbine that if anything happened in a school, that I would hope that I would be able to do something,” Benke told Colorado’s KDVR.com.

On Tuesday, Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink praised Benke, calling him a hero. Benke, the father of 7-year-old twins and a 13-year-old girl, fought back tears after Mink thanked him.

“I know he feels bad about not being able to intervene sooner, but believe me when I say, I think he stopped what could have been a more tragic event than it was this afternoon,” Mink said.

He got lucky though. Being in a gun-free zone means only the criminals have them, which is one reason why there are so many school shootings.


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