Palestinians Make Big Deal About Nothing. Again.

February 24, 2010 at 15:57 (General Stupidity, Video)

So what? Israel wants to make it a cultural heritage site – it IS an Israeli cultural heritage site! OK, folks, this is called history. The argument is ridiculous that Israel should never do anything that in any way calls attention to themselves or their history – because that’s what everyone seems to want. From what I can tell all this boils down to wanting Israel to disappear from the world, or to roll over and just be a docile servant type class of peasant, at most.

I especially love the video spin. Those clips leave you with the impression that Israelis fire willy-nilly at school children and innocents, and the poor oppressed Palestinians can do nothing but throw back rocks in their victimized rage. Whatever.

So Israel wants to stick a sign up that says it’s a cultural heritage site. It is. Suck it up and live with it. If the Palestinians want a sign too, I say give them a sign. Who cares. Is that really the best they have to complain about right now?

This is just like the terrorists – start a fight in a populated civilian place, or even just lob some bombs at schools or playgrounds, then say it is all the fault of the people responding to those attacks when innocents are caught in the middle. Crap. If these idiots would just get over themselves and their twisted hijacked religion and just accept Israel’s right to live everything would be fine. Had all this stupidity not been going on Israel would have prospered (as it has anyway really) and that prosperity would have spread to everyone else in the region. For that matter, they could have completely ignored Israel and prospered – how many lives and resources have gone into trying to destroy or remove Israel?

If the terrorists and Palestinians want to convince me they are the victims and big old mean Israel is hurting them then the fix is very simple. Firstly, all you have to do is stop attacking and killing. That should be easy for a religion of peace, right? Easy enough for Israel since usually they are responding to an attack. They can just sit back and relax for a while. Second, every time someone does do some type of attack, you punish them ferociously – that should be easy for a religion that lops off limbs for punishment as well. Israel would of course do the same on their side for any ultra-orthodox whackos they have. Third, stop protesting and throwing rocks and making news announcements every time Israel tries to do anything at all related to their heritage, history, or land. Fourth, just behave like civilized people toward each other.

Of course none of this will happen, because whatever anyone says, the issue is really that Israel exists at all. The vast majority of the Muslim world want them dead. All of them. They would like the Jews to disappear forever. So the issues are not issues that can be overcome without Israel committing mass suicide. That’s one reason there are barriers and checkpoints and roadblocks and Palestinians are blocked out of certain sections of Israel. Because there is a fairly high probability that the next guy going through the gate is carrying a bomb or some other weapon and intends to kill as many people as possible. If the Palestinians policed their own, there would be no reason for Israel to do the things they do. If they continued to do them, then we can talk. That will prove to the world that Israel is a big old meanie, right? And for the religion of peace, that should be easy enough and fit with their own ideals, right? Hmmm.

But right now all I see are terrorists attacking restaurants, malls, stores, buses, and schools, and Israel responding. So I doubt that will happen.

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am not taking comments on this post. They will just drive me and everyone else insane. Yes yes, we know Israel is the devil and the puppet spawn of the Great Satan US. Yes yes, we know. Whatever.


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