Flordia School Replicates Evils of Totalitarianism

February 25, 2010 at 09:32 (Education, News)

Good idea, at first glance. It does tend to trivialize it all though. Cutesy kids playing at it for a day makes it seem all silly and ‘weird’ to them, but I doubt they will take anything away from it. Maybe if they had classmates disappear and everyone was forbidden to talk about them, or they had the students wait in line for bread for a few weeks, that would be realistic.

Oh, and I love the last bit. This implies that orderliness and self control are only properties of a communistic, big brother type state. Which goes to the general worldview of people nowadays I guess – they seem to believe that morality and order are somehow bad and are properties of some sort of totalitarian state. Not true at all. Maybe I read too much into it, but words have power. The author either meant what he/she said, or they do not understand the subtle effects those words can have. Either way, not good.

“This was a project of the history club, and their idea was that students should really have an idea of what it was like to live in a communist state,” said social studies teacher Patricia Johnston, who helped organize the project and served as the lead “comrade.”

Students, with the help of a local landscaping company, erected a nearly 100-foot paper replica of the Berlin wall, complete with graffiti. It stood across the middle of the campus to mimic the concrete wall that separated communist East Germany from capitalist West Germany from 1961 to the end of 1989.

On the west side, students could walk around, socialize and behave as they normally do.

But on the east side, students could only walk on sidewalks, wear approved clothing (no hats, for instance) and had to behave in an orderly, controlled fashion[EMPAHASIS ADDED].


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