Healthcare in Cuba: Do People Still Believe Stalinist Propaganda?

March 10, 2010 at 11:57 (General Stupidity, Health, News, Politics, Society)

Sure, idiots like Michael Moore do. It’s nice that none of these people have to live in the real world. That way they can just sit around with their heads up their a** and make life harder for the rest of us. I wish they would shut their stupid stalinist/socialist/fascist mouths, and I wish the public (and especially the MSM) had the brains to just laugh these fools out of town. Sure, we need to fix some issues with our healthcare system, but ‘reform’ does not mean socialism, people. Or maybe it does. Maybe some of you like this type of stuff. Have at it then.

And sure, the word is getting out, but people still buy idiocy like Sicko, so fools must still be believing this propaganda.

And even more unluckily for Castro and his MSM auxiliairies, the internet has pulled a stunning and (to them) infuriating end-run around his traditional MSM defenses. So word is getting out. Which means the story is getting even better (meaning horribly worse) and the rotten egg on the face of Castro’s media courtesans gets even thicker and more malodorous as week chases week.


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