Freedom and the Illusion of Freedom

March 11, 2010 at 11:35 (Uncategorized)

Are we freer today? Think about it.

Freedom, once lost, is a very slow train coming home.

Last week I was being interviewed by a radio station on the topic of the Second Amendment March and was asked this question: “When the present Congress and President took office, many gun owners felt certain that their Second Amendment Rights were in trouble, but the opposite has happened. Many states are advancing gun rights and it is now lawful to carry concealed in national parks. Why do you feel Second Amendment activism is still necessary?”

The question gave me cause for pause.

Two days later, after thinking about it, I flew down to Arkansas to speak at a Second Amendment rally, and here is how I answered that question:

“Last week someone asked me why I felt that the Second Amendment still needed defending. He suggested that we had already won the battle and were wasting our time with a Second Amendment March on Washington DC. Let me respond to that by reading the words posted on the outside of this building.”


I continue to be amazed at how Americans deceive themselves into thinking they are free. Sure, I understand that freedom isn’t binary, either a 0 or a 1, either ON or OFF. It’s more like a continuum, a range of freedom. But ask yourself this question: Are you freer today than you were five years ago? Are you freer than your parents, or your grandparents? More importantly, if the present course of human events continues to unfold, if the government continues to usurp more and more power, will your children and your grandchildren have any more freedom left to lose?

I think not.

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