Updated*More on Tom Hanks Coming Unglued

March 12, 2010 at 13:28 (General Stupidity)

I still have hopes that this is all a misunderstanding, but I doubt it will turn out that way. He is probably just a better salesman than the other Hollywood leftists. Hanks knows if he comes out with his true views it will be a firestorm, so he just keeps quiet. I hope not, but I bet so. What a maroon, as Bugs used to say.

Is Tom Hanks Unhinged

Tom Hanks’ Pacific War Revisionism

Say What, Tom Hanks?

h/t Big Hollywood


And he just keeps going.

You can watch these very troubling 25 seconds below and understand why Tom Hanks would never have the backbone to leave the comfortable echo chamber of MSNBC and enter an environment where he might be challenged. After the actor is done defaming the war against Imperial Japan as a war of “racism and terror,” he doubles with his anti-American slander and says the same of today’s War on Terror. And no one at Morning Joe challenges him. Not Tom — Greatest Generation — Brokaw, not Scarborough, and Mika Brezezinski can’t wait to agree with him.


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