Scum Sucking N Korean Savage Kim Jong Il Parties While His People Starve

March 12, 2010 at 13:49 (General Stupidity, Scum/Trash/Idiots!)

It’s ALWAYS like this people!! And if the left gets hold of us it will be here too! One word: Constitution.

He bought them cars, weapons, expensive furniture and the finest food –all while their people starved.

Col. Kim Jong Ryul says he spent two decades traveling to European cities on shopping spree-missions for North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim il Sung, and then later for his son, Kim Jong Il.

Helping to lift the shroud on North Korea’s brutal and mysterious regime, the German-speaking Kim claims to have bought luxury cars, carpets and gold-plated handguns with cash sent from Pyongyang. He says Mercedes was the favorite brand of the leadership, but they also liked Lincolns and Cadillacs. He also obtained furnishings for the leaders’ numerous villas, and he bought food, food, and more food.

That’s what really got to Kim. “People were dying of starvation,” he told Fox News, “and they were eating food from all over the world.”

The North Koreans were also building up their stockpile of weapons, and Kim helped by buying arms, planes and spy gear. He got around embargoes, he says, by paying top dollar and then some to eager European businessmen.

Where did impoverished North Korea get the money?

“For that they didn’t save,” he said. “Always the money came.”


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