Anti-Tea Party Group ‘Coffee Party’ Flops

March 15, 2010 at 08:55 (General Stupidity, Politics)

The loons may be loud but luckily there aren’t many of them.

Last year, the fledgling tea party movement scheduled nearly 2,000 gatherings on April 15, Tax Day. Over the summer, tea partiers packed health-care town halls by the hundreds, overflowing venues and leading to lines running around the block. On Sept. 12, the crowd of tea partiers that flooded Washington, D.C., was estimated into the hundreds of thousands, possibly topping 1 million.

See for yourself the signs created by tea partiers, gathered together in one, big, colorful book produced to commemorate the most earth-shattering, grass-roots political awakening the U.S. has ever seen!

By contrast, Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller reports showing up to a Washington, D.C., coffee party at Peregrine Espresso in the Eastern Market area today, “only to find a small gathering of five activists huddled at a small table.”

A columnist for the Kansas City Star reports a better turnout in her city, counting about 40 attendees.

Huffington Post columnist Tamar Abrams claims to have attended a separate coffee party gathering in the nation’s capital led by anti-war activist Andy Shallal and CodePink founder Medea Benjamin and covered by a CNN camera crew.

About 50 people showed up.

Kansas City’s group and Abrams’ gathering, however, may be the exceptions to the rule – exceptionally large, that is.

According to numbers posted on The Coffee Party USA website, it appears most crowds numbered fewer than 20.


  1. Ben Hoffman said,

    There’s the big money of Dick Armey organizing and financing the teabaggers. The coffee party doesn’t have that

  2. Man in the World said,

    No, I guess not *coughSoroscough*

    That’s totally false. Before Armey was involved, I heard about the Tea Party and went to a rally. And before that it was average folks going to other people’s houses and talking there. The political folks came later. And as long as the Tea Party stays a movement and independent, it will get results.

  3. jonolan said,

    The “Coffee Party” was doomed from the start. Obama already has an astroturf organization; it’s called Organizing for America. A second group, founded by another Obama operative would have just diluted the focus. Therefor it wasn’t supported and doomed.

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