Battlefield: Bad Company 2

March 15, 2010 at 13:30 (Uncategorized)

All righty, then. This guy always has some good stuff.

My personal thoughts are that the game is pretty good overall. I’ll critique and then move on.

I find the controls to be a bit mushy – if feels like your game character is moving in water. The MW2 movement I think is the best in the business, but MW2 has so many problems that are not being addresses in MW2 (maybe Infinity Ward is waiting for MW3, which I hear is set for Vietnam) I expect that game will be fading out over the next few weeks or months.

Anyway, although the game is no doubt stunning, I feel like I’m watching it on VHS. That’s the only way to describe the sort of graininess and overly textured feel of the environment. It’s kind of like watching an old 80’s movie where everything was sort of gritty looking and you had to really focus to see the details. I suppose the guys that made the game saw that they had all these cool textures so they decided to use them. Too much pixelation for me, but not enough to keep me from playing!

As with most online games (maybe there’s never any way around this) I find there to be some issues with lag time, but w/o the MW2 killcam it’s not as obvious. You’re just left with the conviction that you should have been able to kill the other guy first and that something wasn’t right. Every once in a while it is just blatantly obvious too. Like shooting point blank an entire magazine, the sights never leaving the guy’s chest. Then you stop to reload or switch weapons and BANG – one shot and you’re dead. Riiight.

Now this next bit of critique is common to most first person shooters, and I never understand it. Why, when I am looking down the sights, is it impossible to move any faster than a snail’s pace? I’ve fired lots of assault weapons and machine guns, and unless the thing weighs a hundred pounds, I was moving pretty good. You get the best sight picture when still of course, and to maintain a perfect one you have to move more slowly, but there are more options than just perfectly still and accurate or firing from the hip. You can get a very accurate shot off moving quickly and looking down the barrel rather than a one-eyed sight picture..

Overall, I am pleased with the game, though. It has its frustrations just like any other game, but it’s pretty good. I’ve worked my way through the assault class, the vehicle achievements, a good chunk of the engineer class, some of the recon class, and I have just now started on the medic. I think they did an excellent job, and it’s sure to provide entertainment for quite a while!


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