Big Drug Companies LOVE Obamacare

March 16, 2010 at 08:27 (General Stupidity, News)

Hmm, now why is it that historically the Dems and their ilk talk up a storm about the evil big corporations and talk up how they will fix them good, while at the same time the same big companies of all types pour cash into their coffers and snuggle up real nice in bed? Why would they do that unless they realized it was in the best interest of their bottom line? Why would a big company like something that will supposedly drive costs down and increase competition. Could it be because it will do the EXACT OPPOSITE? Think about it.

COMING SOON – The drug industry, which has held off running ads until officials sign off on the final reconciliation bill, is growing more comfortable with the emerging legislation and is preparing a substantial pro-reform ad buy in 43 Democratic districts, according to a senior industry source. The amount and timing of the buy have not yet been set and hinge largely on action in the House. Still, the development is a substantial step forward from Monday morning, when industry officials, coming off a tough weekend of negotiating with Democratic staffers, said there were no ads in the works. The movement should also help appease the White House, which has been leaning on the industry to provide Democrats air cover, according to industry sources.


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