Undercover Study Shows Students Prone to Socialism

March 18, 2010 at 13:54 (General Stupidity)

Filed under obvious.

We have been raised with subtle socialism. Our brains have been programmed with buzz words like “tolerance” and “diversity” and it has gotten to point that even when the glaring inequities of wealth redistribution are right in front of our faces many still fail to see them.

I saw this first hand when I went undercover at my school asking my classmates at George Mason University to sign a phony petition authorizing the school’s administration to redistribute grade point averages (GPA). Using arguments similar to those liberals use to justify socialist entitlement programs, I explained to them that “there are students at this school who are in danger of not graduating due to low grades, and it’s not necessarily their fault. Many of them come from low income families and have to work their way through school and don’t have time to study because of their jobs.”

Ninety percent of the students I spoke with thought this was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard. They refused to sign the petition because they believed it to be completely unfair. But when I turned the topic over to income redistribution their attitudes completely changed.

“That’s totally different,” they argued. “Those millionaires don’t need that money; they won’t miss it.”

The “me, me, me” generation only cares about unfairness when it directly effects them, as it would with GPA redistribution. They are easily persuaded by the Left with gooey words like “hope” and “change” because they aren’t directly affected by these tax-raising policies—yet.


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