How a REAL Newsman Does His Business

March 19, 2010 at 10:42 (Media, News, Society)

Now THIS is a reporter.

It was clearly the President’s intent to filibuster most of the approximately 15 minutes devoted to the healthcare bill, repeating all the same talking points we’ve heard ad nauseum for a year. Obama never intended to directly answer Baier’s questions. That strategy was, to use a favorite word of his administration, transparent.

The President isn’t accustomed to being interrupted in the midst of his long answers to reporters’ questions, even when those answers have little or nothing to do with the initial query. When interrupted by Baier, his frustration clearly showed — non-verbally and in an occasional condescending tone.

In response, Baier was respectful, but not intimidated. Unlike most of the legacy media interviewers, Baier understands that he represents more than himself and his network. He represents the viewing public. It’s why the media has been historically called the Fourth Estate. Contrast Baier’s approach to that of NBC’s Brian Williams when, at the close of his interview of the President, he parted with a nauseous sycophantic bow. We were embarrassed for him.


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