A Prediction

March 24, 2010 at 12:11 (Uncategorized)

You watch – over the next several weeks and months, tea party members will be painted as raving lunatics frothing at the mouth. Just wait and see. There will be stories in the news about how tea partiers in general are running wild, attempting terrorism, violence, murder, and property destruction. They will be painted as haters of [insert your race/group/religion here] and linked to nefarious shadow groups intent on taking over the country.

You will hear about how the healthcare bill is the settled law of the land. You will hear about all of the wonderful things it will do for you and how it will help the poor and helpless. It will save lives, raise dead children from the grave, and our economy will grow unfettered as it sheds the chains of the free market.

For the next couple of years you will see the powers that be chuckle to themselves and point out that none of the doomsday scenarios foretold have come to pass, all the while neglecting to mention the fact that most provisions in the bill don’t kick in until later, or that the decline that inevitably takes place takes place over some time. You’ll hear that the government has not and will not taken over healthcare, ignoring thousands of pages of legislation stating otherwise, and the thousands more to come.

You’ll hear lots of things from lots of people. Just wait and see. The people will breathe a ‘collective’ sigh of relief and continue down the path to destruction.

Maybe it’s inevitable. It is certainly predictable.

There was, of course, nothing unpredictable about Sunday’s health care vote. It was fairly obvious that the Chicago mobsters would, using the Escobarian silver-or-lead principle, scare up the votes needed to pass Obama’s baby. It was plain that “pro-life” Democrats such as Bart Stupak would, after the requisite posturing, find the rationalization they needed to cast aside a position that was never really a principle. That it came in the form of an executive order with the credibility of the Hitler-Stalin Pact is of little consequence. It was also predictable that the Monday after would bring talk about the extinguishment of liberty and the republic, and heads hanging so low that good Americans could look up and see their shoelaces.

Yet there is a somewhat larger view a person can take here. It is one that distinguishes between symptoms — even very severe ones — and the underlying disease.

Some have asked a very predictable question: “Where were you the day the republic died?” But there is a better one: Where were you when you first knew our republic was dying? As for me, I can’t tell you exactly where, only when. I believe it was the early 1980s. And I was still a teenager.

Our moral decay — or, as some would say, progressivism — which yields political decay, was not predictable a generation or two ago. It was in progress. And this was obvious. Big government programs — the great exception to the rule that it’s easier to destroy than create — are spawned but hardly ever slain. Laws, regulations, and mandates — which by definition are the removal of freedoms and imposition of values — are instituted but hardly ever rescinded, resulting in the true progressivism of our times: the progressive loss of liberty. And do we only now have our Tea Parties and complain about the “loss of constitutional government”? For decades our national contract has been trampled, from the separation-of-church-and-state ruling to misapplications of the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause. But people start to notice only when their own oxen finally get gored.

Even more telling symptoms of this moral decay are the cultural shifts. Sexual mores are ever-loosened, never tightened; child-rearing becomes continually more permissive, education more dumbed down, entertainment more decadent, and the media more frivolous. This is inevitable in a morally relativistic civilization, by the way. After all, a corollary of the idea that there is no Truth is that there is no morality, and hence, no moral boundaries. And without them, the only thing left to guide our moral decisions is emotion. Thus do we hear “If it feels good, do it.” The problem is that passion is a siren; follow your heart, and you’ll follow it straight to Hell.


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