Hold Them To Their Claims

March 24, 2010 at 08:41 (Constitution/Constitutional Issues, General Stupidity, Health, News, Politics, Society)

Right. They said what they said to get what they wanted.

Levin wants his $2500 cut in premiums per year, as promised dozens of times by Obama. And he wants the $940 billion price tag held to the penny.

That medley of Obama’s dozens of promises to cut premiums by $2500 per year is going to appear in a lot of ads.

Megan McArdle also asks for “accountability for the bill,” and wants to keep a close eye on which of the many promises made by HCR’s proponents actually come to pass, and which do not. Her prediction? None of them will, except for a few in a trivial manner.

Now — huddle up near your fainting-couch, because this is going to shock you — those who sold ObamaCare with these promises are now objecting to calling them promises at all, and object to McArdle’s push to keep score.

McArdle likes the mortality rate and average lifespan predictions especially, since they are such well-known numbers. It is easily determined if the liberals’ claims lies are true. And it’s precisely because this is such an easy determination to make that Ezra Klein and fellow travelers object to using their own claims as benchmarks.


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