Media Declares War on Dissent: The New Template

March 31, 2010 at 09:16 (Video)

Note for the interested: A caller to a local radio show yesterday says that when he was in DC for the health care protest he was confronted by a guy that was screaming in his face and poking him in the chest. The guy had two women with him videotaping everything that went on in case they could get some good stuff for propaganda. The next day, the same guy, with the same two women, were mixed in with the crowd pretending that they were now supporting the protesters. Hmm. Surely students of the left wouldn’t do something so underhanded as to plant people in the crowd. Maybe to scream racial insults at random? Nah. They wouldn’t do that. The left has historically always been totally aboveboard with all of their activities. Just ask Stalin. Er… I mean Hitler. Uhhhm, okay. Mao? Never mind. The important thing is that they are the picture of rational, enlightened civility. Get your mind right.


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