“I Don’t Worry About The Constitution on This”

April 2, 2010 at 10:33 (Uncategorized)

That says it all. People, this boils down to principles and values. This boils down to right and wrong. You either have principles and values, or you have some amorphous feel-good type fuzzy-headed lack of logic that changes with the wind. You either have principles and values, you believe in right or wrong, or you watch so-called civilization fall apart. Things like abortion and the murdering of children become legalized, pervs of all varieties feel safe enough to come out of the closet and kidnap a child because they know they will just be forced to endure a grueling therapy session to ‘understand’ them rather than be strung up as an example. With nothing to believe in people will believe anything…..hey wait. That sounds like now…

What’s the remedy? Firstly, education – people have to be taught what the Constitution actually says, and the context it was written in. Secondly, I suggest people go visit the OCA site and start learning. Start absorbing. This country needs a change in mindset. any mindset that believes abortion to be a perfectly valid ‘life-choice’, and mindset that finds homosexuality or any other of a million perversions a perfectly normal ‘life-choice’ is deluded and needs help. How far have we fallen! This is Pascha(Easter), a season of bright sadness. Our Lord came in the flesh and died so that we might truly live the lives intended by God. How sad it must be for him to see the world now.


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