Communist Party of America Applauds Obamacare

April 7, 2010 at 08:31 (General Stupidity, Health, News)

Well they should. It’s a huge leap to the left. And that’s the whole point. Obama knows he can’t ram full-fledged socialism down our throats, but he knew he could get away with this hare-brained healthcare scam. So knowing that the tendency of any government program is to entrench itself and grow and expand over time, he just shoved this down our throats. Ever notice sometimes it seems like he really doesn’t know what’s in the bill? That’s because I doubt he does. The point is not to get a quality reform bill through – the point is to get government more involved any way they can and just let nature take it’s course. If there is anything beneficial in this bill it will be entirely accidental, or if on purpose solely in there to gain the support of someone or some group somewhere.

President Obama’s new health-care law is a “historic victory” that can lead to socialized medicine and “single-payer” health-care legislation, boasted Juan Lopez, chairman of the Communist Party USA in Northern California.

“The signing into law of the new health care reform package has all the earmarks of a historic victory in more ways than one,” wrote Lopez in a recent article in People’s World, the official publication of the Communist Party USA.

Lopez called the new law “the federal government’s biggest attack on economic inequality since President Reagan 30 years ago began the offensive to redistribute wealth in favor of the large corporations and the rich.”

Continued Lopez: “Big chunks of the money to pay for the law come from payroll taxes of households earning more that a quarter of a million dollars and from cutting medical subsidies for private insurers.”

The communist activist stated Obama deserves “a big hand for a job well done under heavy political fire.”


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