Polish Pres and Officials Killed On Way to Commemoration of Soviet War Crime

April 12, 2010 at 10:08 (History, News)

The event itself is just strange, as these guys point out. I personally file it under suspicious. Don’t talk to me about it until you talk to all the journalists and human rights activists that have met ‘accidents’ in the last few years. Oh, not to mention the guy in Europe who found his soup laced with radioactive poison. Suspicious.

Anyway, the official line is that the pilot was told not to land in fog, but he decided to anyway and clipped some trees. The unofficial line in Poland is that most people think Putin was involved in some way. Looking at the track record, I can’t say as I blame them.

But let’s not overlook something equally important, and that is the event they were going to commemorate.

This was an event so horrific even the Nazi’s were shocked. That’s pretty bad. But the left has always had a soft spot for the Soviet regime, so things like this are just sort of ignored, or reported on in passing. This should be required learning for everyone that is interested in a free and just world.


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