Serial Hoaxer Claims Raped…. By Whale??

April 16, 2010 at 08:44 (General Stupidity)


A BRAZEN prankster claimed he was raped by a whale and gave his name as Ben Dover during one of many hoax calls to the emergency services.

Daniel Hammond made nuisance calls for eight months, telling busy emergency operators he lived in Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

On one occasion, he reported that his manhood fell off because he smoked too much weed and was struggling to have sex.

Another time, the lanky 21-year-old impersonated Saddam Hussein and claimed he hid a bomb on a train, a court in Sevenoaks, England, was told.

Prosecutor James Nichols said Hammond enjoyed the thrill of wasting the emergency services’ time with his bizarre and persistent tales.


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