Abuse of Power?

April 19, 2010 at 09:50 (Politics)

The timing is definitely fishy. But this is always how the left plays the game. You take something everyone loves to hate and you toss it on the altar of big government to be sacrificed. Or you take something that on it’s surface is super helpful and mercifully kind and you use that to grow government. Either way it’s all a ruse. Whether or not Goldman Sachs did anything wrong it’s just being used to grow government and to push further toward socialism. If you think it doesn’t then you’re not paying attention.

Already, we have seem Team Obama single out CEOs of automotive manufacturing corporations, financial industries, drug manufacturers, and health insurance companies for special, public floggings. So, it should come as no surprise that, once again, President Obama has found a convenient, new villain, Goldman Sachs, to be publicly flogged and abused, to help drive support for the President’s complicated, new, financial regulations and bank oversight legislation.

Cynical minds must wonder at the timeliness of the SEC’s charges of fraud levied against Goldman Sachs . Consider the exhaustion of Congress after the recent healthcare reform struggle. As a result, the legislation for financial reform, among other proposed reforms, had been lagging and moving lethargically in the Senate. With another election cycle approaching, legislators were finding it hard to rally interest in, yet another, bloated piece of legislation which did little to address the Wall Street abuses that initially caused the interest in the financial reform.

All 41 GOP senators were united, voicing strong language against a useless, toothless piece of legislation, and their objections began to garner support. Even Obama apologist, Paul Krugman, weighed in, saying that no reform was better than the lame legislation currently being considered.

But then, just as Financial reform was crawling on its belly, going off to die, the “crisis” with Goldman Sachs suddenly occurred. How remarkably convenient! Suddenly, the financial reform legislation has new life, and a pitchfork campaign to further demonize Goldman Sachs is in full gear.


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