Clinton Says Tea Party Demonizing Government – Still No Comment on Protests During Bush Years

April 19, 2010 at 09:36 (General Stupidity, News, Politics)

Yeh, right. I remember calls to kill Bush, movies made about his assassination, effigies hung and burned, and rabid unwashed leftists breaking things and causing chaos. It was on the news, although the commentators were sympathetic and felt them to be righteous leftists. Please. Tea party people even pick up their trash. They are angry for sure, but they aren’t violent.

These freaks know that there are crazies everywhere and sooner or later one of the whackos will do something (although since the Tea Party started all the whackos caught doing something have come from the left, but let’s ignore that). They are screaming these warnings because they want to have the idea planted so when something happens they can use it to paint the Tea Partiers. Suck it up, Clinton. Your time has come and gone, and so has the time of big government.

The former president, speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” elaborated on his controversial comments from Friday, when he drew parallels between the modern Tea Party movement and the anti-government rage of the mid-’90s that preceded the 1995 Oklahoma City attack that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.

Clinton said Sunday that political dissent is necessary, but “demonization” of government is dangerous — citing the uptick in threats made against members of Congress and other officials.

“We shouldn’t demonize the government or its public employees or its elected officials,” Clinton said. “We can disagree with them, we can harshly criticize them. But when we turn them into an object of demonization, we increase the number of threats.”

The debate over and passage of the health care overhaul this year has coincided with an increase in threats against lawmakers. According to a recent report, lawmakers reported 42 security incidents from January through March — lawmakers reported only 15 cases in the first three months of 2009. A middle-aged software engineer fueled by his hatred of the Internal Revenue Service also crashed his small plane into an Austin, Texas, building that housed IRS offices in February.

Tea Party protests focus heavily on anti-tax and anti-health care reform rhetoric — but organizers routinely reject charges that they’re in any way fomenting violence or intolerance.


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