Where is Clinton on the Bautsch/Brown Attack??

April 19, 2010 at 10:10 (News, Politics)

Where are the left wing commentators screaming? Where are the denials? Where is the outrage? Why is the left not doing interviews asking their side to stop demonizing the right? I suppose they are in the same place the Nazis were when the brownshirts were roaming around the cities beating up their opponents (No, leftist idiots, I did not say that the American left were actually Nazis – read the damn sentence). In other words, they were standing idly by clucking their tongues. This has always been a tactic of fascists and lunatics everywhere, and it is no different here. The reason people aren’t up in arms about it and actually fall for the rhetoric is because of the scale.

Hollywood wants you to believe that a leftist/fascist takeover would be house to house, kicking in doors, and everyone would immediately be aware of it. But it is NOT that way, and very rarely is, at least in the beginning. It’s not necessarily that dramatic, and the subtle nature of it tends to just sneak up on most people. Then one day it’s there.

The Hayride added this on the politically motivated attack on the young Republican couple leaving a GOP dinner.

Most conservative websites and blogs are avoiding this topic like the plague. Why? Because they are afraid. Liberals scream “racism” without the slightest shred of evidence and the mainstream media scream with them, but conservatives are afraid to speak the truth even when faced with clear and convincing evidence. They are cowards.

This is not a court of law and the Iron Rail Gang isn’t on trial (yet), but the conservative media have acted as though Iron Rail must be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt before they can say a word on the topic. It’s no coincidence that the only major conservative media outlet to have accurately covered the story belongs to Andrew Breitbart, because he actually has some guts. The rest of the conservative media still seem to be afraid that the MSM is going to say something bad about them.

One more thing… The anarchists and leftists outside the SLRC event that night had posted an ominous warning on their website before the GOP officials were attacked.
The Hayride reported:

…There was also an eight-page brochure the group put together that did not appear on the Facebook event page for the protest (since removed – there were 209 people who had RSVP’ed for the event and from that roster we found Mauch and Dubinsky), and that brochure was much more ominous. It listed several “Points of Unity,” among them being:

– The SRLC is not welcome in NOLA without a fuss
– Recognize healthcare as a basic human right
– Oppose police oppression, the prison-industrial complex, and the dominant culture of militarism
– Recognize the need for active resistance to confront all forms of oppression, respecting a diversity of tactics

The brochure also contained a map of the five hotels at which SRLC delegates were primarily staying, which is extremely disturbing.

No doubt about it… This was a savage and planned political attack.


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