More on the EVILS of the Tea Party

April 30, 2010 at 14:34 (Constitution/Constitutional Issues, General Stupidity, News)

Yeh, they look like a bunch of radicals to me. Maybe they should have thrown bottles, charged the riot police, and shouted obscenities. Maybe hang someone in effigy, or burn a flag. That works for the left, and it works for illegal immigrants, right? They do that – destroy things, break things, cover the area with garbage, and when the police confront them the news coverage is all about the little guy getting shafted by the right. Sure, these guys are resentful of being pushed back, and well they should be. They are American citizens peacefully – PEACEFULLY – exercising their rights, and they keep getting pushed back, and back, and back, so that they don’t offend the visiting royalty or their court that has come to pay homage. It really is ridiculous…

Oops! The Quincy Police Department released a bogus statement calling the SWAT Team on the the protesting grandmothers yesterday. Unfortunately, they forgot about the army of videographers that filmed this incident.

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