All The President’s Men

May 14, 2010 at 15:02 (Constitution/Constitutional Issues, Philosophy, Politics, Society, Video)

You know, I always thought Glenn Beck was kind of cheesy, but I liked him. And despite what people say, I respect a man who loves his country enough to actually shed tears on its behalf. And he does. I believe that. But I still took him with a grain of salt. No more though.

The things we have seen in this administration and the people that populate it are frightening. I’m not talking about monitoring the phones of citizens speaking to suspected terrorists on the other end of the line (why you would speak to terrorists and why you think you have an expectation of privacy calling a foreign nation anyway is beyond me), or the fact that Cheney used to work for Haliburton (I note that they got a freakin’ HUGE no-bid contract under Obama – where’s the outrage? Could it be they are just the best company for the job?) and therefore any contract they got meant he was somehow in cahoots to take over the world and get rich. I am talking about people that despise the foundation of our country. People that think we are the problem in the world. People that think they and their ilk know better than you and me how to live our lives and want to make sure we do it their way. I’m talking about dangerous people. And the People with a capital P better wake up and take notice before it’s too late..

h/t Flopping Aces


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