Obama the Alinsky-ite

May 17, 2010 at 10:46 (General Stupidity, Liberal)

I am so not surprised that Alinsky admired satan.

Decades later, power would no longer be an issue, as Obama infiltrated the highest echelons of the political establishment, thus fulfilling Alinsky’s vision of a new “vanguard” of coat-and-tie radicals sneaking behind enemy lines. He preached that changing the system “means working in the system” — while not acting or looking radical. “Start them easy,” he said in his book, “don’t scare them off.”

It worked like a charm for Obama. And during the presidential campaign, he hired one of his Gamaliel mentors, Mike Kruglik, to train young campaign workers in Alinsky tactics at “Camp Obama,” a school set up at Obama headquarters in Chicago. The tactics helped Obama capture the youth vote like no other president before him.

After the election, his other Gamaliel mentor, Jerry Kellman (who actually hired him and whose identity Obama disguised in his memoir), helped the Obama administration establish Organizing for America, which mobilizes young supporters to agitate for Obama’s legislative agenda using “Rules for Radicals” — which Alinsky dedicated to “Lucifer, the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

In fact, the 1971 book, now selling well on Amazon, is required reading for students applying for the program.

“Rules” is more than a manual. It’s a diary of Alinsky’s worldview, a dark, anti-capitalist one made all the more disturbing knowing that his protege sits in the Oval Office, where he’s systematically reorganizing our economy, one industry at a time.

A careful reading of Alinsky’s 200-page book leaves you queasy. Even before you get to his rules, which start on Page 126, you realize he hates everything dear to Americans while respecting nothing sacred about America — even its founding. He ridicules our most basic morality. He mocks our founders, finding the worst even in Jefferson, a classical liberal.

Alinsky, who died of a heart attack at 63, valued democracy merely as a “means” toward achieving “economic justice.” He laughed at “middle-class moral hygiene.” He even rebuked activists burdened by decency and troubled by the ethics of his tactics, sneering that they would rather go home with their “ethical hymen intact” than win a battle at any cost.


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