Obama’s Southern Strategy

May 19, 2010 at 09:48 (Immigration/Illegal Immigration, News)

Sooner or later everyone wakes up.

With the latest crisis that can’t go to waste, the Obama Administration is now using the Arizona immigration law to codify the Latino vote against Republicans in an attempt to save the Democrat majority. I guess one could say it’s ironic that the same party that excused its own segregationist past by revising the intent of the ‘Southern Strategy’, has now implemented its own.

It does so at its own peril.

Blacks are not impressed by the law-breaking, self-inflicted adversity suffered by illegal aliens, in fact some are downright hostile. All one need to and look at the make up of South Central Los Angeles, formerly the black community.

It is brown and the Latinos there have been quite public with their intent to drive blacks out. Peacefully by breeding, violent if necessary.

In South Central Los Angeles, only one of the many areas and regions (Washington Times reporter Steve) Miller surveyed, the predominant feeling among those few blacks who remain in the neighborhood is that “They took our homes and our schools,” as one black resident complained. “They,” of course are the Hispanics who have largely displaced the blacks in the area that was the center of the 1992 “Rodney King” riots.

But it’s not just South Central that’s a war zone as a result of mass immigration. The war zone seems to extend all over the country, especially where blacks and Hispanics confront each other.

David Cortez, a 22-year-old immigrant who spent two years in jail for shooting a black, told Mr. Miller, “Just give us three or four years, and we’ll take over. There will be more of us.” Blacks at least, if not the Open Borders lobby, know he’s on to something.

As for blacks, they see no reason to welcome a population that takes their jobs for lower wages and competes with them for political favors from largely white politicians. “Why should we be in coalition with some group that wants to outnumber us?” asks Shannon Frank Reeves, head of the Oakland, Calif., NAACP.

As I’ve been arguing for years, this is what happens when blacks blindly give their support to party that has to be reminded every two years not to take it for granted. Obama Democrats, too, believe they have the black vote locked and now can devote the rest of their time using the usual racebaiting tactics aimed at illegal Latinos.


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