Evil North Korean Regime Tries to Spark War

May 25, 2010 at 08:36 (General Stupidity, News)

I know what this is. They need to flex their muscles for internal reasons. Maybe someone needs a boost in power or prestige. But they know they can get away with it right now because the US is so weak, especially as far as leadership goes. So they kill 50 people, cause all sorts of trouble, and then they’ll fade back into obscurity with a smirk on their faces. We should immediately attack and destroy that regime. If for no other reason to bring those poor people there back into civilization!

SEOUL (AFP) – North Korea accused South Korea’s navy Tuesday of trespassing in its waters and threatened military action, further raising tensions sparked by the sinking of one of Seoul’s warships in March.

The South has announced a series of reprisals including a trade ban after a multinational investigation concluded last week that a North Korean submarine had torpedoed the Cheonan on March 26.

The communist North denies involvement in the sinking, which claimed 46 lives and brought it widespread international condemnation. It threatens full-scale war if there is any attempt to punish it.

The North’s military made its complaint Tuesday in a message to the South’s armed forces, Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency reported.

Over 10 days ending Monday, it said, dozens of the South’s naval ships had intruded into the North’s waters.


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