Advice From Spike Lee Turns Out Just Like You Would Expect

June 8, 2010 at 14:05 (General Stupidity, News, Politics)


Becky Quick, who co-hosts Squawk Box with lead anchor Joe Kernen and co-host Carl Quintanilla, slapped Obama for using unpresidential language in an interview he knew would be aired as children prepared for school.

“If you’re the president of the United States and you go on the Today Show which is a morning show, where you’re going to have a lot of kids sitting around watching this, I think you choose your words more carefully,” said Quick. “Using the A word when you are on the Today Show talking with Matt Lauer, yeah, that disturbs me. But I also think that this is a way of trying to prove that I’m mad, to do exactly what everybody’s been pushing me to do, and it doesn’t ring true.”

Obama has been under pressure in the media and even among his friends, notably film director Spike Lee, to air more passion when addressing the oil crisis. But Quick, who said she likes the president, said he sullied the office on the Today Show.

“When you are the president of the United States, you should speak of the office and there are events and time and places where maybe you get fired up about things. It sounded like he was using this to try and prove that he was mad and I think that’s silly,” she added.


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