New ‘Red Dawn’ to attack communism again!

June 11, 2010 at 08:23 (Cool, Movies, Video)

Red Dawn is back, and the left hates it! Spectacular!! I can’t wait for it! (Assuming it’s not some ghastly marketing trick to try and get conservatives into a movie where they try and make a left wing point.)

A movie expected to be a hard-core remake of the original communism-bashing “Red Dawn” of two decades back – where Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze staged a shoot-’em-up against invading Russians in the Colorado mountains – now is being met not with amusement at the entertainment but condemnation because it isn’t “correct.”

The invaders this time are Chinese.

“Later this year, America’s dream factory will foist upon an already blooded-up America a remake of 1984’s ‘Red Dawn.’ It’s probably the most unnecessary, irresponsible, Sinophobic film in America’s history, and that’s saying a lot,” wrote a commentary at The Awl, a New York-based website that boasts of its discussions on “the issues of the day.”

“In it, the Chinese invade and subjugate Americans to pinko commie rule all under the guise of ‘helping’ the nation that has become too irresponsible to take care of itself. It is a paranoia tale of an America where our children no longer get stupid Chinese character tattoos because they want to; they get them because they have to. It’s basically porn for survivalist militia types who believe it is ‘real’ scenarios like that that justify everything from the sale of assault rifles to electing nationalist fear-mongers.”

The original “Red Dawn” focused on freedom’s victory over communism and featured the up-and-comers Swayze and Co. as a resistance group made up of highschoolers fighting back the oppressive Soviet Union. According to Jason Apuzzo at Libertas Film Magazine, the team members “fight the Russkies in the Colorado hills, kick a lot of commie-Spetsnaz ass, and otherwise shout ‘Wolverines!'”

He said he thought the new movie was a gag at first.

“Hollywood doesn’t do this sort of thing. This isn’t the 1980s anymore. Wake up! This is the era of ‘Avatar,’ of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ of Sean Penn hanging with the mullahs in Iran. The communist Chinese aren’t our enemy – they’re our friends! They make our TVs and T-shirts and disposable ink cartridges. Our real enemies are American corporations, environmental polluters, and all those blonde chicks on Fox News,” he wrote.

Here’s the trailer from the same site.


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